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Dr. Indigo Swann is a clinical psychologist who treats patients with emotional scars while carrying many of her own.  When a young soldier is sent to her because he cannot remember much of his tour in Iraq, she discovers that her patient has a multiple personality disorder. After a particularly intense session, the young man runs from her office and is later found dead.  The soldier’s death is first first thought to be a suicide.  Later the detective on the case believes the psychologist’s patient was murdered and that Indy’s life is in danger. 

 Scar Keeper is available at Amazon.


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Twelve year old Franz leaves Prague top live with his uncle in Havana.  The boy begins having dreams about his uncle and new classmates becoming insects. Farnz will discover this is more than a dream. 

Kafka Goes to Havana is available on Amazon.


Its 1974 and anthropologist Liora Womack has gone to Morocco to take back her life.  The Nazi Colonel who had imprisoned her so long ago was living in Tangier, an old man now.  Liora is ready to face him, to say what needed to be said.

Voyeur in Tangier is available at Amazon.

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Isabel Nystromes husband, Eddy, stole money from the Vegas casino he fronted and the syndicate owned.  Thats how it started.  When the syndicate found out, they sent in Reverend Partywith his chainsawwith his acidwith his smooth words and his darkness.

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Lili Mack and Isaac Stalin are in their forties now and hiking The Way of Saint James, from France into Northwest Spain and the Camino de Santiago.  Lili knows that somewhere along the way the assassin her father hired to kill Isaac will do the job.

Devious Pilgrims is available at Amazon