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Rhea Waye’s new therapist said it best, “A new loss allows us to mourn all the others we miss, imagined or otherwise.”  After the separation from her husband, she has become obsessed with Edward, an old man who fits her father fantasies perfectly.  But Edward is the worst sort of nightmare and Rhea is caught in the middle ground between truth and fantasy.

Silence of my Father is available at Amazon.

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Twelve year old Franz leaves Prague top live with his uncle in Havana.  The boy begins having dreams about his uncle and new classmates becoming insects. Farnz will discover this is more than a dream. 

Kafka Goes to Havana is available on Amazon.


Its 1974 and anthropologist Liora Womack has gone to Morocco to take back her life.  The Nazi Colonel who had imprisoned her so long ago was living in Tangier, an old man now.  Liora is ready to face him, to say what needs to be said.

Voyeur in Tangier is available at Amazon.


Three intertwining stories: 1)Ann Silva has gone to Madrid to work at the conservation studio in the Museo del Prado. She is restoring a Flemish painting called Meeting on the Steps to Hades. The painter is Luc Grendel, a 16th-century Flemish painter and one of the three protégées of Hieronymus Bosh. 2)Taylor Bane is considering a run for the senate from California, but he has to rid himself of some bad baggage. In his college days, Taylor and a couple of his fraternity brothers brutally raped two girls at a frat Halloween party. The two girls were Annie and Mariel. Taylor has now hired an assassin, Liesbet Grendel, to kill Annie Silva. No sense bringing all of that into a senate race. 3)Liesbet has been killing for a long, long time. She’s very good at what she does. The Prado also has Luc Grendel’s diary as well as his painting. Annie has started to read the diary and the painter writes about a “Liesbet” by name. Luc begins to paint Meeting on the Steps to Hades. Liesbet feels betrayed. Angry and still in love, Liesbet can’t bring herself to destroy either the painting or the diary. Luc also writes about her talking of “Worlds other than this one.”

Meeting on the Steps to Hades is available on Amazon.

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Lili Mack and Isaac Stalin are in their forties now and hiking The Way of Saint James, from France into Northwest Spain and the Camino de Santiago.  Lili knows that somewhere along the way the assassin her father hired to kill Isaac will do the job.

Devious Pilgrims is available at Amazon.